15 Beautiful Lavender Hair Color Ideas in 2019

Last modified on: May 9th, 2019

If you want to dye the lavender, it’s okay if you don’t have bleach. The redness of the hair is suppressed and the color comes in firmly! There is little damage to the hair, and it is a hair color that gives the hair a glossiness.

It is not uncommon to lose color even if you dye your hair. But Lavender Ash remains cute even if it loses color! 
You can enjoy the process of fading gradually, one of the attractiveness of lavender.

By making lavender ash bright, it gives a soft impression. The words “hairliness and cuteness” have a cuteness that suits very well. By winding loosely like this hair catalog, the hairstyle becomes soft and hard to touch.


Lavender color is a feminine and cute color, but by adding ash to that lavender color and making it a dark color, it is an adult-like finish that you can produce an upscale adultiness by dividing the bangs. It is a mote hair with outstanding compatibility with natural makeup!