15 Beautiful Lavender Hair Color Ideas in 2019

Last modified on: May 9th, 2019

Lavender color makes you feel calm and feminine. Of course it is a hair color that dark dark lavender hair color will also increase woman level In this article we will introduce a lavender color hairstyle without bleach and a lavender color plus ash ♡ In addition, it is a commercial item recommended by self. We will also introduce items!

The dyeing effect of lavender hair color has a romantic and elegant, happy and beautiful color dyeing design, which looks extraordinarily chic and sweet. The depth of the design, showing a different gentle.

Lavender hair color is the most popular hair color this year. No matter what kind of hairstyle, no matter how long or how long it is, you can control such a beautiful hair color. Are you still not excited?

Lavender color of feminine hair color is a popular hair color in the trend. Of course, even with dark tones, it is still an attractive hair color. In this article, we will introduce lavender-colored hairstyles and commercial items that can be self-made.

Ash color that you can get a sense of transparency even without a bleach is excellent hair color for men if you add a sense of transparency to the femininity of lavender and the femininity of lavender color! As it is finished in foreigner-style hair, it is a hair color that fashion can not afford to try.

If you do bleach, you can get a clear sense of color firmly into it. However, bleach is prone to damage the hair, depending on the constitution may feel pain in the scalp, want to avoid bleach, I think some of you are there.